About the Company

Revicond_CanaltechRevicond Company was founded in 2011 to meet the increasing demand for pipe rehabilitation and installation services using No-Dig technologies, its main activity being the diagnosis and rehabilitation of pipelines without digging, horizontal directional drilling and pipeline in ground laying by percussion method.

Being simpler and more efficient methods, No-Dig technologies have also become known on the Romanian market, with more and more requests for rehabilitation and piping without open digging. The methods used do not pollute the environment, meet EU standards, do not create discomfort to the population and do not affect road traffic.

Full pipeline repair and rehabilitation is achieved by No-Dig technologies, i.e. without excavation, the Beneficiaries of such works being the companies owning the pipeline networks as well as, the local administrations and the population itself – the main advantage of it being the diagnostic, cleaning and rehabilitation works that can be carried out in a relatively short time compared to classical methods with open digs.

Revicond has state-of-the-art equipment by which video inspection, diagnosis and rehabilitation works are carried out properly, focusing on quality. Our team of specialists is at your disposal to carry out rehabilitation works for water and sewage pipelines, gas, petroleum products and last but not least from the chemical industry.

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